SB 10.54.49

tasmād ajñāna-jaṁ śokam
tattva-jñānena nirhṛtya
 sva-sthā bhava śuci-smite
tasmāt — therefore; ajñāna — out of ignorance; jam — born; śokam — the lamentation; ātma — yourself; śoṣa — drying up; vimohanam — and bewildering; tattva — of the truth; jñānena — with knowledge; nirhṛtya — dispelling; sva-sthā — reinstated in your natural mood; bhava — please be; śuci-smite — O you whose smile is pure.
Therefore, with transcendental knowledge dispel the grief that is weakening and confounding your mind. Please resume your natural mood, O princess of the pristine smile.

Lord Balarāma reminds Śrīmatī Rukmiṇī that she is the eternal goddess of fortune performing pastimes with the Lord in this world and should thus give up her so-called grief.