SB 10.47.25

bhagavaty uttamaḥ-śloke
 bhavatībhir anuttamā
bhaktiḥ pravartitā diṣṭyā
 munīnām api durlabhā
bhagavati — for the Supreme Lord; uttamaḥ-śloke — who is glorified in sublime poetry; bhavatībhiḥ — by your good selves; anuttamā — unexcelled; bhaktiḥ — devotion; pravartītā — established; diṣṭyā — (congratulations on your) good fortune; munīnām — for great sages; api — even; durlabhā — hard to obtain.
By your great fortune you have established an unexcelled standard of pure devotion for the Lord, Uttamaḥśloka — a standard even the sages can hardly attain.

The term pravartitā indicates that the gopīs brought to this world a standard of pure love of God that was previously unknown on the earth. Thus Uddhava congratulates them on their unparalleled contribution to the religious life.