SB 10.46.3

gacchoddhava vrajaṁ saumya
 pitror nau prītim āvaha
gopīnāṁ mad-viyogādhiṁ
 mat-sandeśair vimocaya
gaccha — please go; uddhava — O Uddhava; vrajam — to Vraja; saumya — O gentle one; pitroḥ — to the parents; nau — Our; prītim — satisfaction; āvaha — carry; gopīnām — of the gopīs; mat — from Me; viyoga — caused by separation; ādhim — of the mental pain; mat — brought from Me; sandeśaiḥ — by messages; vimocaya — relieve them.
[Lord Kṛṣṇa said:] Dear gentle Uddhava, go to Vraja and give pleasure to Our parents. And also relieve the gopīs, suffering in separation from Me, by giving them My message.