SB 10.46.28

yaśodā varṇyamānāni
 putrasya caritāni ca
śṛṇvanty aśrūṇy avāsrākṣīt
yaśodā — mother Yaśodā; varṇyamānāni — being described; putrasya — of her son; caritāni — the activities; ca — and; śṛṇvantī — as she heard; aśrūṇi — tears; avāsrākṣīt — poured down; sneha — out of love; snuta — moistened; payodharā — her breasts.
As mother Yaśodā heard the descriptions of her son’s activities, she poured out her tears, and milk flowed from her breasts out of love.

From the very day that Kṛṣṇa had left for Mathurā, mother Yaśodā, though counseled and consoled by hundreds of men and women, could see nothing but the face of her son. She kept her eyes closed to everyone else and cried constantly. Thus she could not recognize Uddhava, treat him with parental affection, ask him any questions or give him any message for her son. She was simply overwhelmed with love for Kṛṣṇa.