SB 10.43.38

bālā vayaṁ tulya-balaiḥ
 krīḍiṣyāmo yathocitam
bhaven niyuddhaṁ mādharmaḥ
 spṛśen malla-sabhā-sadaḥ
bālāḥ — young boys; vayam — We; tulya — equal; balaiḥ — with those whose strength; krīḍiṣyāmaḥ — We will play; yathā ucitam — in a fitting manner; bhavet — should occur; niyuddham — the wrestling match; — not; adharmaḥ — irreligion; spṛśet — should touch; malla-sabhā — of the assembly in the wrestling arena; sadaḥ — the members.
We are just young boys and should play with those of equal strength. The wrestling match must go on properly so that irreligion does not taint the respectable members of the audience.