SB 10.42.15

tataḥ paurān pṛcchamāno
 dhanuṣaḥ sthānam acyutaḥ
tasmin praviṣṭo dadṛśe
 dhanur aindram ivādbhutam
tataḥ — then; paurān — from the city residents; pṛcchamānaḥ — inquiring about; dhanuṣaḥ — of the bow; sthānam — the place; acyutaḥ — the infallible Supreme Lord; tasmin — there; praviṣṭaḥ — entering; dadṛśe — He saw; dhanuḥ — the bow; aindram — that of Lord Indra; iva — like; adbhutam — amazing.
Lord Kṛṣṇa then asked the local people where the arena was in which the bow sacrifice would take place. When He went there He saw the amazing bow, which resembled Lord Indra’s.