SB 10.41.40

tatas tu vāyakaḥ prītas
 tayor veṣam akalpayat
vicitra-varṇaiś caileyair
 ākalpair anurūpataḥ
tataḥ — then; tu — moreover; vāyakaḥ — a weaver; prītaḥ — affectionate; tayoḥ — for the two of Them; veṣam — dress; akalpayat — arranged; vicitra — various; varṇaiḥ — with colors; caileyaiḥ — made of cloth; ākalpaiḥ — with ornaments; anurūpataḥ — suitably.
Thereupon a weaver came forward and, feeling affection for the Lords, nicely adorned Their attire with cloth ornaments of various colors.

Śrīla Jīva Gosvāmī explains that the weaver adorned the Lords with cloth armlets and earrings that looked just like jewels. The word anurūpataḥ indicates that the colors matched nicely.