SB 10.3.50

maghoni varṣaty asakṛd yamānujā
bhayānakāvarta-śatākulā nadī
 mārgaṁ dadau sindhur iva śriyaḥ pateḥ
maghoni varṣati — because of Lord Indra’s showering rain; asakṛt — constantly; yama-anujā — the river Yamunā, who is considered the younger sister of Yamarāja; gambhīra-toya-ogha — of the very deep water; java — by the force; ūrmi — by the waves; phenilā — full of foam; bhayānaka — fierce; āvarta-śata — by the whirling waves; ākulā — agitated; nadī — the river; mārgam — way; dadau — gave; sindhuḥ iva — like the ocean; śriyaḥ pateḥ — unto Lord Rāmacandra, the husband of the goddess Sītā.
Because of constant rain sent by the demigod Indra, the river Yamunā was filled with deep water, foaming about with fiercely whirling waves. But as the great Indian Ocean had formerly given way to Lord Rāmacandra by allowing Him to construct a bridge, the river Yamunā gave way to Vasudeva and allowed him to cross.