SB 10.19.7

tataḥ samantād dava-dhūmaketur
 yadṛcchayābhūt kṣaya-kṛd vanaukasām
samīritaḥ sārathinolbaṇolmukair
 vilelihānaḥ sthira-jaṅgamān mahān
tataḥ — then; samantāt — on all sides; dava-dhūmaketuḥ — a terrible forest fire; yadṛcchayā — suddenly; abhūt — appeared; kṣaya-kṛt — threatening destruction; vana-okasām — for all those present in the forest; samīritaḥ — driven; sārathinā — by its chariot driver, the wind; ulbaṇa — terrible; ulmukaiḥ — with meteorlike sparks; vilelihānaḥ — licking; sthira-jaṅgamān — all moving and nonmoving creatures; mahān — very great.
Suddenly a great forest fire appeared on all sides, threatening to destroy all the forest creatures. Like a chariot driver, the wind swept the fire onward, and terrible sparks shot in all directions. Indeed, the great fire extended its tongues of flame toward all moving and nonmoving creatures.

Just as Kṛṣṇa, Balarāma and the cowherd boys were about to take their cows back home, the forest fire previously mentioned raged out of control and surrounded all of them.