CC Madhya 7.5

phālgunera śeṣe dola-yātrā se dekhila
premāveśe tāṅhā bahu nṛtya-gīta kaila
phālgunera — of the month of Phālguna; śeṣe — at the end; dola-yātrā — the Dola-yātrā festival; se — that; dekhila — saw; prema-āveśe — in the ecstasy of love of Godhead; tāṅhā — there; bahu — much; nṛtya-gīta — chanting and dancing; kaila — performed.
At the end of the month of Phālguna, He witnessed the Dola-yātrā ceremony, and in His usual ecstatic love of God, He chanted and danced in various ways on the occasion.