CC Madhya 2.62

tomāra mādhurī-bala,tāte mora cāpala,
ei dui, tumi āmi jāni
kāhāṅ karoṅ kāhāṅ yāṅ,
kāhāṅ gele tomā pāṅ,
tāhā more kaha ta’ āpani
tomāra — Your; mādhurī-bala — strength of sweetness; tāte — in that; mora — My; cāpala — impotence; ei — these; dui — two; tumi — You; āmi — I; jāni — know; kāhāṅ — where; karoṅ — I do; kāhāṅ — where; yāṅ — I go; kāhāṅ — where; gele — by going; tomā — You; pāṅ — I can get; tāhā — that; more — unto Me; kaha — please speak; ta’ āpani — You.
“My dear Kṛṣṇa, only You and I know the strength of Your beautiful features and, because of them, My unsteadiness. Now, this is My position; I do not know what to do or where to go. Where can I find You? I am asking You to give directions.”