CC Ādi 6.110

nānā-bhakta-bhāve karena sva-mādhurya pāna
pūrve kariyāchi ei siddhānta vyākhyāna
nānā-bhakta-bhāve — various emotions of a devotee; karena — does; sva-mādhurya pāna — drinking the sweetness of Himself; pūrve — formerly; kariyāchi — I discussed; ei — this; siddhānta — conclusion; vyākhyāna — the explanation.
He tastes His own sweetness through the various emotions of a devotee. I have formerly explained this conclusion.

Lord Caitanya, who is known as Śrī Gaurahari, is complete in relishing all the different mellows, namely neutrality, servitorship, fraternity, parental affection and conjugal love. By accepting the ecstasy of different grades of devotees, He is complete in relishing all the mellows of these relationships.