CC Ādi 3.14

cira-kāla nāhi kari prema-bhakti dāna
bhakti vinā jagatera nāhi avasthāna
cira-kāla — for a long time; nāhi kari — I have not done; prema-bhakti — loving devotional service; dāna — giving; bhakti — devotional service; vinā — without; jagatera — of the universe; nāhi — not; avasthāna — existence.
“For a long time I have not bestowed unalloyed loving service to Me upon the inhabitants of the world. Without such loving attachment, the existence of the material world is useless.

The Lord seldom awards pure transcendental love, but without such pure love of God, freed from fruitive activities and empiric speculation, one cannot attain perfection in life.