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SB 9.7.23

tasmai tuṣṭo dadāv indraḥ
 śātakaumbhamayaṁ ratham
śunaḥśephasya māhātmyam
 upariṣṭāt pracakṣyate
tasmai — unto him, King Hariścandra; tuṣṭaḥ — being very pleased; dadau — delivered; indraḥ — the King of heaven; śātakaumbha-mayam — made of gold; ratham — a chariot; śunaḥśephasya — about Śunaḥśepha; māhātmyam — glories; upariṣṭāt — in the course of describing the sons of Viśvāmitra; pracakṣyate — will be narrated.
King Indra, being very pleased with Hariścandra, offered him a gift of a golden chariot. Śunaḥśepha’s glories will be presented along with the description of the son of Viśvāmitra.