SB 9.7.15

iti putrānurāgeṇa
kālaṁ vañcayatā taṁ tam
 ukto devas tam aikṣata
iti — in this way; putra-anurāgeṇa — because of affection for the son; sneha-yantrita-cetasā — his mind being controlled by such affection; kālam — time; vañcayatā — cheating; tam — unto him; tam — that; uktaḥ — said; devaḥ — the demigod Varuṇa; tam — unto him, Hariścandra; aikṣata — waited for the fulfillment of his promise.
Hariścandra was certainly very much attached to his son. Because of this affection, he asked the demigod Varuṇa to wait. Thus Varuṇa waited and waited for the time to come.