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SB 9.6.17

tais tasya cābhūt pradhanaṁ
 tumulaṁ loma-harṣaṇam
yamāya bhallair anayad
 daityān abhiyayur mṛdhe
taiḥ — with the demons; tasya — of him, Purañjaya; ca — also; abhūt — there was; pradhanam — a fight; tumulam — very fierce; loma-harṣaṇam — the hearing of which makes one’s hairs stand on end; yamāya — to the residence of Yamarāja; bhallaiḥ — by arrows; anayat — sent; daityān — the demons; abhiyayuḥ — who came toward him; mṛdhe — in that fight.
There was a fierce battle between the demons and Purañjaya. Indeed, it was so fierce that when one hears about it one’s hairs stand on end. All the demons bold enough to come before Purañjaya were immediately sent to the residence of Yamarāja by his arrows.