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SB 9.5.21

karmāvadātam etat te
 gāyanti svaḥ-striyo muhuḥ
kīrtiṁ parama-puṇyāṁ ca
 kīrtayiṣyati bhūr iyam
karma — activity; avadātam — without any tinge; etat — all this; te — your; gāyanti — will sing; svaḥ-striyaḥ — women from the heavenly planets; muhuḥ — always; kīrtim — glories; parama-puṇyām — highly glorified and pious; ca — also; kīrtayiṣyati — will continuously chant; bhūḥ — the whole world; iyam — this.
All the blessed women in the heavenly planets will continuously chant about your spotless character at every moment, and the people of this world will also chant your glories continuously.