SB 9.5.19

so ’śitvādṛtam ānītam
 ātithyaṁ sārva-kāmikam
tṛptātmā nṛpatiṁ prāha
 bhujyatām iti sādaram
Word for word: 
saḥ — he (Durvāsā); aśitvā — after eating sumptuously; ādṛtam — with great respect; ānītam — received; ātithyam — offered different varieties of food; sārva-kāmikam — fulfilling all kinds of tastes; tṛpta-ātmā — thus being fully satisfied; nṛpatim — unto the King; prāha — said; bhujyatām — my dear King, you eat also; iti — in this way; sa-ādaram — with great respect.
Thus the King respectfully received Durvāsā Muni, who after eating varieties of palatable food was so satisfied that with great affection he requested the King to eat also, saying, “Please take your meal.”