SB 9.4.7

mamedam ṛṣibhir dattam
 iti tarhi sma mānavaḥ
syān nau te pitari praśnaḥ
 pṛṣṭavān pitaraṁ yathā
mama — my; idam — all these; ṛṣibhiḥ — by the great saintly persons; dattam — have been delivered; iti — thus; tarhi — therefore; sma — indeed; mānavaḥ — Nābhāga; syāt — let there be; nau — of ourselves; te — your; pitari — unto the father; praśnaḥ — an inquiry; pṛṣṭavān — he also inquired; pitaram — from his father; yathā — as requested.
Nābhāga then said, “These riches belong to me. The great saintly persons have delivered them to me.” When Nābhāga said this, the black-looking person replied, “Let us go to your father and ask him to settle our disagreement.” In accordance with this, Nābhāga inquired from his father.