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SB 9.17.8

alarkāt santatis tasmāt
 sunītho ’tha niketanaḥ
dharmaketuḥ sutas tasmāt
 satyaketur ajāyata
Word for word: 
alarkāt — from Alarka; santatiḥ — a son known as Santati; tasmāt — from him; sunīthaḥ — Sunītha; atha — from him; niketanaḥ — a son named Niketana; dharmaketuḥ — Dharmaketu; sutaḥ — a son; tasmāt — and from Dharmaketu; satyaketuḥ — Satyaketu; ajāyata — was born.
From Alarka came a son named Santati, and his son was Sunītha. The son of Sunītha was Niketana, the son of Niketana was Dharmaketu, and the son of Dharmaketu was Satyaketu.