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SB 9.16.34

sa hovāca madhucchandāḥ
 sārdhaṁ pañcāśatā tataḥ
yan no bhavān sañjānīte
 tasmiṁs tiṣṭhāmahe vayam
saḥ — the middle son of Viśvāmitra; ha — indeed; uvāca — said; madhucchandāḥ — Madhucchandā; sārdham — with; pañcāśatā — the second fifty of the sons known as the Madhucchandās; tataḥ — then, after the first half were thus cursed; yat — what; naḥ — unto us; bhavān — O father; sañjānīte — as you please; tasmin — in that; tiṣṭhāmahe — shall remain; vayam — all of us.
When the elder Madhucchandās were cursed, the younger fifty, along with Madhucchandā himself, approached their father and agreed to accept his proposal. “Dear father,” they said, “we shall abide by whatever arrangement you like.”