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SB 9.14.29

yad-viśrambhād ahaṁ naṣṭā
 hṛtāpatyā ca dasyubhiḥ
yaḥ śete niśi santrasto
 yathā nārī divā pumān
yat-viśrambhāt — because of depending upon whom; aham — I (am); naṣṭā — lost; hṛta-apatyā — bereft of my two sons, the lambs; ca — also; dasyubhiḥ — by the plunderers; yaḥ — he who (my so-called husband); śete — lies down; niśi — at night; santrastaḥ — being afraid; yathā — as; nārī — a woman; divā — during the daytime; pumān — male.
“Because I depended on him, the plunderers have deprived me of my two sons the lambs, and therefore I am now lost. My husband lies down at night in fear, exactly like a woman, although he appears to be a man during the day.”