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SB 9.13.7

gandha-vastuṣu tad-dehaṁ
 nidhāya muni-sattamāḥ
samāpte satra-yāge ca
 devān ūcuḥ samāgatān
gandha-vastuṣu — in things very fragrant; tat-deham — the body of Mahārāja Nimi; nidhāya — having preserved; muni-sattamāḥ — all the great sages gathered there; samāpte satra-yāge — at the end of the sacrifice known by the name Satra; ca — also; devān — to all the demigods; ūcuḥ — requested or spoke; samāgatān — who were assembled there.
During the performance of the yajña, the body relinquished by Mahārāja Nimi was preserved in fragrant substances, and at the end of the Satra-yāga the great saints and brāhmaṇas made the following request to all the demigods assembled there.