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SB 9.13.4

śiṣya-vyatikramaṁ vīkṣya
 taṁ nirvartyāgato guruḥ
aśapat patatād deho
 nimeḥ paṇḍita-māninaḥ
Word for word: 
śiṣya-vyatikramam — the disciple’s deviation from the order of the guru; vīkṣya — observing; tam — the performance of yajña by Indra; nirvartya — after finishing; āgataḥ — when he returned; guruḥ — Vasiṣṭha Muni; aśapat — he cursed Nimi Mahārāja; patatāt — may it fall down; dehaḥ — the material body; nimeḥ — of Mahārāja Nimi; paṇḍita-māninaḥ — who considers himself so learned (as to disobey the order of his spiritual master).
After completing the sacrificial performance for King Indra, the spiritual master Vasiṣṭha returned and found that his disciple Mahārāja Nimi had disobeyed his instructions. Thus Vasiṣṭha cursed him, saying, “May the material body of Nimi, who considers himself learned, immediately fall.”