SB 8.8.10

tasyā āsanam āninye
 mahendro mahad-adbhutam
mūrtimatyaḥ saric-chreṣṭhā
 hema-kumbhair jalaṁ śuci
tasyāḥ — for her; āsanam — a sitting place; āninye — brought; mahā-indraḥ — the King of heaven, Indra; mahat — glorious; adbhutam — wonderful; mūrti-matyaḥ — accepting forms; sarit-śreṣṭhāḥ — the best of various sacred waters; hema — golden; kumbhaiḥ — with waterpots; jalam — water; śuci — pure.
The King of heaven, Indra, brought a suitable sitting place for the goddess of fortune. All the rivers of sacred water, such as the Ganges and Yamunā, personified themselves, and each of them brought pure water in golden waterpots for mother Lakṣmī, the goddess of fortune.