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SB 8.24.22

naitan me svastaye rājann
 udakaṁ salilaukasaḥ
nidhehi rakṣā-yogena
 hrade mām avidāsini
na — not; etat — this; me — unto Me; svastaye — comfortable; rājan — O King; udakam — water; salila-okasaḥ — because I am a big aquatic; nidhehi — put; rakṣā-yogena — by some means; hrade — in a lake; mām — Me; avidāsini — perpetual.
The fish then said: O King, I am a large aquatic, and this water is not at all suitable for Me. Now kindly find some way to save Me. It would be better to put Me in the water of a lake that will never reduce.