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SB 8.23.7

 brahmādayaḥ śaraṇadāśnuvate vibhūtīḥ
kasmād vayaṁ kusṛtayaḥ khala-yonayas te
 dākṣiṇya-dṛṣṭi-padavīṁ bhavataḥ praṇītāḥ
yat — of whom; pāda-padma — of the lotus flower of the feet; makaranda — of the honey; niṣevaṇena — by tasting the sweetness of rendering service; brahma-ādayaḥ — great personalities like Lord Brahmā; śaraṇa-da — O my Lord, supreme shelter of everyone; aśnuvate — enjoy; vibhūtīḥ — benedictions given by You; kasmāt — how; vayam — we; ku-sṛtayaḥ — all the rogues and thieves; khala-yonayaḥ — born of an envious dynasty, namely that of the demons; te — those asuras; dākṣiṇya-dṛṣṭi-padavīm — the position bestowed by the merciful glance; bhavataḥ — of Your Lordship; praṇītāḥ — have achieved.
O supreme shelter of everyone, great personalities like Brahmā enjoy their perfection simply by tasting the honey of rendering service at Your lotus feet. But as for us, who are all rogues and debauchees born of an envious family of demons, how have we received Your mercy? It has been possible only because Your mercy is causeless.