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SB 8.16.41

niveditaṁ tad-bhaktāya
 dadyād bhuñjīta vā svayam
dattvācamanam arcitvā
 tāmbūlaṁ ca nivedayet
niveditam — this offering of prasāda; tat-bhaktāya — unto His devotee; dadyāt — should be offered; bhuñjīta — one should take; — either; svayam — personally; dattvā ācamanam — giving water to wash the hands and mouth; arcitvā — in this way worshiping the Deity; tāmbūlam — betel nuts with spices; ca — also; nivedayet — one should offer.
One should offer all the prasāda to a Vaiṣṇava or offer him some of the prasāda and then take some oneself. After this, one should offer the Deity ācamana and then betel nut and then again worship the Lord.