SB 8.16.17

yathā tāni punaḥ sādho
 prapadyeran mamātmajāḥ
tathā vidhehi kalyāṇaṁ
 dhiyā kalyāṇa-kṛttama
yathā — as; tāni — all of our lost things; punaḥ — again; sādho — O great saintly person; prapadyeran — can regain; mama — my; ātmajāḥ — offspring (sons); tathā — so; vidhehi — kindly do; kalyāṇam — auspiciousness; dhiyā — by consideration; kalyāṇa-kṛt-tama — O you who are the best person to act for our welfare.
O best of sages, best of all those who grant auspicious benedictions, please consider our situation and bestow upon my sons the benedictions by which they can regain what they have lost.