SB 8.15.22

yāṁ na vrajanty adharmiṣṭhāḥ
 khalā bhūta-druhaḥ śaṭhāḥ
māninaḥ kāmino lubdhā
 ebhir hīnā vrajanti yat
yām — in the streets of the city; na — not; vrajanti — pass; adharmiṣṭhāḥ — irreligious persons; khalāḥ — envious persons; bhūta-druhaḥ — persons violent toward other living entities; śaṭhāḥ — cheaters; māninaḥ — falsely prestigious; kāminaḥ — lusty; lubdhāḥ — greedy; ebhiḥ — these; hīnāḥ — completely devoid of; vrajanti — walk; yat — on the street.
No one who was sinful, envious, violent toward other living entities, cunning, falsely proud, lusty or greedy could enter that city. The people who lived there were all devoid of these faults.