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SB 8.10.5

tatra daivāsuro nāma
 raṇaḥ parama-dāruṇaḥ
rodhasy udanvato rājaṁs
 tumulo roma-harṣaṇaḥ
tatra — there (at the beach of the Ocean of Milk); daiva — the demigods; asuraḥ — the demons; nāma — as they are celebrated; raṇaḥ — fighting; parama — very much; dāruṇaḥ — fierce; rodhasi — on the beach of the sea; udanvataḥ — of the Ocean of Milk; rājan — O King; tumulaḥ — tumultuous; roma-harṣaṇaḥ — hair standing on the body.
O King, a fierce battle on the beach of the Ocean of Milk ensued between the demigods and the demons. The fighting was so terrible that simply hearing about it would make the hair on one’s body stand on end.