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SB 7.5.34

vadhyatām āśv ayaṁ vadhyo
 niḥsārayata nairṛtāḥ
āha — he said; amarṣa — indignation; ruṣā — and by severe anger; āviṣṭaḥ — overpowered; kaṣāyī-bhūta — becoming exactly like red-hot copper; locanaḥ — whose eyes; vadhyatām — let him be killed; āśu — immediately; ayam — this; vadhyaḥ — who is to be killed; niḥsārayata — take away; nairṛtāḥ — O demons.
Indignant and angry, his reddish eyes like molten copper, Hiraṇyakaśipu said to his servants: O demons, take this boy away from me! He deserves to be killed. Kill him as soon as possible!