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SB 7.2.53

aho akaruṇo devaḥ
 striyākaruṇayā vibhuḥ
kṛpaṇaṁ mām anuśocantyā
 dīnayā kiṁ kariṣyati
aho — alas; akaruṇaḥ — most unkind; devaḥ — providence; striyā — with my wife; ākaruṇayā — who is fully compassionate; vibhuḥ — the Supreme Lord; kṛpaṇam — poor; mām — me; anuśocantyā — lamenting for; dīnayā — poor; kim — what; kariṣyati — shall do.
Alas, how merciless is Providence! My wife, unable to be helped by anyone, is in such an awkward position and lamenting for me. What will Providence gain by taking away this poor bird? What will be the profit?