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SB 7.15.8

naitādṛśaḥ paro dharmo
 nṛṇāṁ sad-dharmam icchatām
nyāso daṇḍasya bhūteṣu
 mano-vāk-kāyajasya yaḥ
na — never; etādṛśaḥ — like this; paraḥ — a supreme or superior; dharmaḥ — religion; nṛṇām — of persons; sat-dharmam — superior religion; icchatām — being desirous of; nyāsaḥ — giving up; daṇḍasya — causing trouble because of envy; bhūteṣu — unto the living entities; manaḥ — in terms of the mind; vāk — words; kāya-jasya — and body; yaḥ — which.
Persons who want to advance in superior religion are advised to give up all envy of other living entities, whether in relationship to the body, words or mind. There is no religion superior to this.