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SB 7.11.3

bhavān prajāpateḥ sākṣād
 ātmajaḥ parameṣṭhinaḥ
sutānāṁ sammato brahmaṁs
bhavān — Your Lordship; prajāpateḥ — of Prajāpati (Lord Brahmā); sākṣāt — directly; ātma-jaḥ — the son; parameṣṭhinaḥ — of the supreme person within this universe (Lord Brahmā); sutānām — of all the sons; sammataḥ — agreed upon as the best; brahman — O best of the brāhmaṇas; tapaḥ — by austerity; yoga — by mystic practice; samādhibhiḥ — and by trance or meditation (in all respects, you are the best).
O best of the brāhmaṇas, you are directly the son of Prajāpati [Lord Brahmā]. Because of your austerities, mystic yoga and trance, you are considered the best of all of Lord Brahmā’s sons.