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SB 7.10.20

sarvātmanā na hiṁsanti
 bhūta-grāmeṣu kiñcana
uccāvaceṣu daityendra
sarva-ātmanā — in all respects, even in the modes of anger and jealousy; na — never; hiṁsanti — they are envious; bhūta-grāmeṣu — among all species of life; kiñcana — toward any one of them; ucca-avaceṣu — the lower and higher living entities; daitya-indra — O my dear Prahlāda, King of the Daityas; mat-bhāva — because of devotional service unto Me; vigata — given up; spṛhāḥ — all material modes of anger and greed.
My dear Prahlāda, King of the Daityas, because of being attached to devotional service to Me, My devotee does not distinguish between lower and higher living entities. In all respects, he is never jealous of anyone.