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SB 6.7.25

tad viśvarūpaṁ bhajatāśu vipraṁ
 tapasvinaṁ tvāṣṭram athātmavantam
sabhājito ’rthān sa vidhāsyate vo
 yadi kṣamiṣyadhvam utāsya karma
tat — therefore; viśvarūpam — Viśvarūpa; bhajata — just worship as guru; āśu — immediately; vipram — who is a perfect brāhmaṇa; tapasvinam — undergoing great austerities and penances; tvāṣṭram — the son of Tvaṣṭā; atha — as well as; ātma-vantam — very independent; sabhājitaḥ — being worshiped; arthān — the interests; saḥ — he; vidhāsyate — will execute; vaḥ — of all of you; yadi — if; kṣamiṣyadhvam — you tolerate; uta — indeed; asya — his; karma — activities (to support the Daityas).
O demigods, I instruct you to approach Viśvarūpa, the son of Tvaṣṭā, and accept him as your guru. He is a pure and very powerful brāhmaṇa undergoing austerity and penances. Pleased by your worship, he will fulfill your desires, provided that you tolerate his being inclined to side with the demons.

Lord Brahmā advised the demigods to accept the son of Tvaṣṭā as their spiritual master although he was always inclined toward the benefit of the asuras.