SB 6.2.29

so ’haṁ vyaktaṁ patiṣyāmi
 narake bhṛśa-dāruṇe
dharma-ghnāḥ kāmino yatra
 vindanti yama-yātanāḥ
saḥ — such a person; aham — I; vyaktam — it is now clear; patiṣyāmi — will fall down; narake — in hell; bhṛśa-dāruṇe — most miserable; dharma-ghnāḥ — they who break the principles of religion; kāminaḥ — who are too lusty; yatra — where; vindanti — undergo; yama-yātanāḥ — the miserable conditions imposed by Yamarāja.
It is now clear that as a consequence of such activities, a sinful person like me must be thrown into hellish conditions meant for those who have broken religious principles and must there suffer extreme miseries.