SB 6.18.72

kṛtto me saptadhā garbha
 āsan sapta kumārakāḥ
te ’pi caikaikaśo vṛkṇāḥ
 saptadhā nāpi mamrire
Word for word: 
kṛttaḥ — cut; me — by me; sapta-dhā — into seven; garbhaḥ — the embryo; āsan — there came to be; sapta — seven; kumārakāḥ — babies; te — they; api — although; ca — also; eka-ekaśaḥ — each one; vṛkṇāḥ — cut; sapta-dhā — into seven; na — not; api — still; mamrire — died.
First I cut the child in the womb into seven pieces, which became seven children. Then I cut each of the children into seven pieces again. By the grace of the Supreme Lord, however, none of them died.