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SB 6.18.70

ekaḥ saṅkalpitaḥ putraḥ
 sapta saptābhavan katham
yadi te viditaṁ putra
 satyaṁ kathaya mā mṛṣā
ekaḥ — one; saṅkalpitaḥ — was prayed for; putraḥ — son; sapta sapta — forty-nine; abhavan — came to be; katham — how; yadi — if; te — by you; viditam — known; putra — my dear son; satyam — the truth; kathaya — speak; — do not (speak); mṛṣā — lies.
I prayed for only one son, but now I see that there are forty-nine. How has this happened? My dear son Indra, if you know, please tell me the truth. Do not try to speak lies.