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SB 6.18.60

ekadā sā tu sandhyāyām
 ucchiṣṭā vrata-karśitā
 suṣvāpa vidhi-mohitā
ekadā — once; — she; tu — but; sandhyāyām — during the evening twilight; ucchiṣṭā — just after eating; vrata — from the vow; karśitā — weak and thin; aspṛṣṭa — not touched; vāri — water; adhauta — not washed; aṅghriḥ — her feet; suṣvāpa — went to sleep; vidhi — by fate; mohitā — bewildered.
Having grown weak and thin because of strictly following the principles of the vow, Diti once unfortunately neglected to wash her mouth, hands and feet after eating and went to sleep during the evening twilight.