SB 6.16.13

nirhṛtya jñātayo jñāter
 dehaṁ kṛtvocitāḥ kriyāḥ
tatyajur dustyajaṁ snehaṁ
nirhṛtya — removing; jñātayaḥ — King Citraketu and all the other relatives; jñāteḥ — of the son; deham — the body; kṛtvā — performing; ucitāḥ — suitable; kriyāḥ — activities; tatyajuḥ — gave up; dustyajam — very difficult to give up; sneham — affection; śoka — lamentation; moha — illusion; bhaya — fear; arti — and distress; dam — giving.
After the relatives had discharged their duties by performing the proper funeral ceremonies and burning the dead child’s body, they gave up the affection that leads to illusion, lamentation, fear and pain. Such affection is undoubtedly difficult to give up, but they gave it up very easily.