SB 6.14.58

nāhaṁ tanūja dadṛśe hata-maṅgalā te
 mugdha-smitaṁ mudita-vīkṣaṇam ānanābjam
kiṁ vā gato ’sy apunar-anvayam anya-lokaṁ
 nīto ’ghṛṇena na śṛṇomi kalā giras te
na — not; aham — I; tanū-ja — my dear son (born of my body); dadṛśe — saw; hata-maṅgalā — because of my being the most unfortunate; te — your; mugdha-smitam — with charming smiling; mudita-vīkṣaṇam — with closed eyes; ānana-abjam — lotus face; kiṁ — whether; gataḥ — gone away; asi — you are; a-punaḥ-anvayam — from which one does not return; anya-lokam — to another planet, or the planet of Yamarāja; nītaḥ — having been taken away; aghṛṇena — by the cruel Yamarāja; na — not; śṛṇomi — I can hear; kalāḥ — very pleasing; giraḥ — utterances; te — your.
My dear son, I am certainly most unfortunate, for I can no longer see your mild smiling. You have closed your eyes forever. I therefore conclude that you have been taken from this planet to another, from which you will not return. My dear son, I can no longer hear your pleasing voice.