SB 6.14.35

vavarṣa kāmān anyeṣāṁ
 parjanya iva dehinām
dhanyaṁ yaśasyam āyuṣyaṁ
 kumārasya mahā-manāḥ
Word for word: 
vavarṣa — showered, gave in charity; kāmān — all desirable things; anyeṣām — of others; parjanyaḥ — a cloud; iva — like; dehinām — of all living entities; dhanyam — with the desire for an increase of opulence; yaśasyam — an increase of reputation; āyuṣyam — and an increase of the duration of life; kumārasya — of the newly born child; mahā-manāḥ — the beneficent King Citraketu.
As a cloud indiscriminately pours water on the earth, the beneficent King Citraketu, to increase the reputation, opulence and longevity of his son, distributed like rainfall all desirable things to everyone.