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SB 6.13.21

sa vājimedhena yathoditena
 vitāyamānena marīci-miśraiḥ
iṣṭvādhiyajñaṁ puruṣaṁ purāṇam
 indro mahān āsa vidhūta-pāpaḥ
saḥ — he (Indra); vājimedhena — by the aśvamedha sacrifice; yathā — just as; uditena — described; vitāyamānena — being performed; marīci-miśraiḥ — by the priests, headed by Marīci; iṣṭvā — worshiping; adhiyajñam — the Supreme Supersoul; puruṣam purāṇam — the original Personality of Godhead; indraḥ — King Indra; mahān — worshipable; āsa — became; vidhūta-pāpaḥ — being cleansed of all sinful reactions.
King Indra was favored by Marīci and the other great sages. They performed the sacrifice just according to the rules and regulations, worshiping the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Supersoul, the original person. Thus Indra regained his exalted position and was again honored by everyone.