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SB 4.8.63

tapo-vanaṁ gate tasmin
 praviṣṭo ’ntaḥ-puraṁ muniḥ
arhitārhaṇako rājñā
 sukhāsīna uvāca tam
tapaḥ-vanam — the forest path where Dhruva Mahārāja executed his austerity; gate — having thus approached; tasmin — there; praviṣṭaḥ — having entered; antaḥ-puram — within the private house; muniḥ — the great sage Nārada; arhita — being worshiped; arhaṇakaḥ — by respectful behavior; rājñā — by the King; sukha-āsīnaḥ — when he comfortably sat on his seat; uvāca — said; tam — unto him (the King).
After Dhruva entered Madhuvana Forest to execute devotional service, the great sage Nārada thought it wise to go to the King to see how he was faring within the palace. When Nārada Muni approached, the King received him properly, offering him due obeisances. After being seated comfortably, Nārada began to speak.