SB 4.8.50

padbhyāṁ nakha-maṇi-śreṇyā
 vilasadbhyāṁ samarcatām
 ākramyātmany avasthitam
padbhyām — by His lotus feet; nakha-maṇi-śreṇyā — by the light of the jewellike nails on the toes; vilasadbhyām — glittering lotus feet; samarcatām — persons who are engaged in worshiping them; hṛt-padma-karṇikā — the whorl of the lotus flower of the heart; dhiṣṇyam — situated; ākramya — seizing; ātmani — in the heart; avasthitam — situated.
Real yogīs meditate upon the transcendental form of the Lord as He stands on the whorl of the lotus of their hearts, the jewellike nails of His lotus feet glittering.