SB 4.21.3

savṛndaiḥ kadalī-stambhaiḥ
 pūga-potaiḥ pariṣkṛtam
 sarvataḥ samalaṅkṛtam
sa-vṛndaiḥ — along with fruits and flowers; kadalī-stambhaiḥ — by the pillars of banana trees; pūga-potaiḥ — by collections of young animals and by processions of elephants; pariṣkṛtam — very nicely cleansed; taru — young plants; pallava — new leaves of mango trees; mālābhiḥ — by garlands; sarvataḥ — everywhere; samalaṅkṛtam — nicely decorated.
At the street crossings there were bunches of fruits and flowers, as well as pillars of banana trees and betel nut branches. All these combined decorations everywhere looked very attractive.