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SB 4.17.16

sā diśo vidiśo devī
 rodasī cāntaraṁ tayoḥ
dhāvantī tatra tatrainaṁ
— the cow-shaped earth; diśaḥ — in the four directions; vidiśaḥ — randomly in other directions; devī — the goddess; rodasī — towards heaven and earth; ca — also; antaram — between; tayoḥ — them; dhāvantī — fleeing; tatra tatra — here and there; enam — the King; dadarśa — she saw; anu — behind; udyata — taken up; āyudham — his weapons.
The cow-shaped earth ran here and there in outer space between the heavenly planets and the earth, and wherever she ran, the King chased her with his bow and arrows.