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SB 4.16.12

antar bahiś ca bhūtānāṁ
 paśyan karmāṇi cāraṇaiḥ
udāsīna ivādhyakṣo
 vāyur ātmeva dehinām
antaḥ — internally; bahiḥ — externally; ca — and; bhūtānām — of living entities; paśyan — seeing; karmāṇi — activities; cāraṇaiḥ — by spies; udāsīnaḥ — neutral; iva — like; adhyakṣaḥ — the witness; vāyuḥ — the air of life; ātmā — the living force; iva — like; dehinām — of all the embodied.
King Pṛthu will be able to see all the internal and external activities of every one of his citizens. Still, no one will be able to know his system of espionage, and he himself will remain neutral regarding all matters of glorification or vilification paid to him. He will be exactly like air, the life force within the body, which is exhibited internally and externally but is always neutral to all affairs.